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Tatshenshini River

Tatshenshini River

For decades the Tatshenshini River has been held in the highest regard as the Classic Alaska/Canada Transboundary wilderness trip. The awesome size, beauty and remoteness of this land make this river trip one of the greatest river trips in the world. From its beginning as a small, rushing whitewater river in the Yukon it builds to the massive size of the combined Tatshenshini and Alsek Rivers.

The Tat’s upper reaches offer great hiking and wildlife viewing. A few accessible trails lead you into the high alpine country. The vistas from any of these rewarding hikes are well worth the effort. It’s breathtaking! Just off the main river are miles and miles of wetland habitat with beaver ponds making perfect nesting grounds for many species of birds. These wetlands also provide great habitat for moose and many other animals. Everywhere you look the ground is covered with a variety of animal tracks.

As major tributaries join, the river grows in size every day. The Tatshenshini transforms into a braided river with many different channels. Around the sixth day of this 11-day trip we join the Alsek River. In a panoramic view of the Tat/Alsek confluence you can see over 27 glaciers- Scenic overload!!

There are more great hiking opportunities in the lower section, including exploration of glaciers. Alsek Lake is impressive with massive glaciers calving off huge chunks of ice into the lake. You’ll have the opportunity to paddle around these beautiful icebergs. Views of the lake are usually the final climax of the trip. Mount Fairweather towers above the lake at over 15,000 ft, making it one of the highest coastal mountains in the world! Lake, icebergs, and huge mountains all make for quite a site to see! Experience this special part of Glacier Bay National Park that only a lucky few ever see.

Your Guides

Love rivers, love life. Your guides average between 10 and 30 years of professional river experience and many have been guiding for their entire career. Their laid-back style will have you relaxed and stress free in no time. True professionals, their focus remains solely on safety of their clients.

Participation in every facet of the trip is encouraged and welcomed. Want to learn how to cook in a Dutch oven, row a rapid, identify birds, fly fish, or rappel a rock face? Your guides feel most people enjoy a little physical challenge and they want you to take advantage of their knowledge and years of experience. Join in the action or just sit back, relax, and enjoy yourself. It’s your choice!

Running programs with a low guest to guide ratio allows your guides to cater to a variety of interests and dedicate attention to individual desires. Collectively, their trips feel like a bunch of old friends getting together!

Getting Here

The Tatshenshini River trip begins in Haines, Alaska, about 80 miles by ferry or charter flight from Juneau. Juneau has daily service from Seattle, Washington on Alaska Air or Delta during the summer months.

Expedition Broker can arrange all aspects of your travel including flights, hotels and additional travel while in Alaska at no cost to you. Feel free to use our local expertise to help you prepare for your trip!

What’s Included

  • Transportation from Haines to the Tatshenshini River
  • Flight from Dry Bay (Take-out) to Yakutat, Alaska
  • All Meals from Lunch on Day 1 to Lunch on Day 11
  • Dry Bags for personal gear
  • Life Jacket
  • Use of sleeping bags, pads and tents

Why Go?

  • Travel through the largest contiguously protected ecological unit in the World
  • Incredible wildlife viewing in this lush temperate rain forest, possibly including: moose, wolves, wolverines, eagles, brown and black bears, salmon and mountain goats
  • Journey through the highest coastal mountain range in the World



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Location Tatshenshini River, Yukon, British Columbia & Alaska
Capacity Maximum of 12 Guests
Duration 11 Day Trip
Craft Type Oar Raft
Activities Stunningly Picturesque Raft Float with Class II/III rapids; Photography; Wildlife viewing; Easy to Advanced Hiking.
Route Summary Dalton Post, Yukon to Dry Bay , Alaska ; 140 miles with an elevation drop of approximately 1800 ft.

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