Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Introduces:

Alaska Fly Fishing Goods Introduces:

All New Trey Rods

The New Trey Rods!!

We all know that the Two-Hander, or Spey Rod, phenomena has been going full steam for the last few years.   Anglers love the ability to use these long rods to easily make big casts and reach fish that previously were unreachable.  Plus they are just plain fun to cast.

Here at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods, we are never satisfied with the status quo.  We figure if a two-hander is good, a three-hander must be better.  After over 4 days of painstaking R&D, we are proud to introduce our signature line of Trey Rods.

Imagine the look on your buddies’ faces when you hit the river with one of these 23 foot monsters.  Are the kings moving up the middle of the Columbia River?  No problem, now you can reach them from shore.  Orcas cruising the beaches?  Fire away!  Our Trey Rods will get the job done.

We have found these rods can either be fished by a single angler (with three arms) or in tandem with your fishing partner.  Angler #1 takes the bottom and top hand position.  Angler #2 takes the middle hand spot and cranks the reel.  With a little practice you will be amazed at the results.

For more information on Trey Rods don’t click HERE.

By Sven Skagit at Alaska Fly Fishing Goods

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