Haines In Front of the Lens

Haines In Front of the Lens

With great anticipation for the 2011 heli ski season in Haines, I offer a few trailers for ski & snowboard films shot in Haines, Alaska in 2010.

NowHere by Absinthe Films and Revolver by Poor Boyz Productions feature jaw-dropping footage of the Chilkat Range as the best riders in the World continue to push the envelope in our backyard.



TGR’s latest film, Light the Wick, features Ripley Creek & Haines heliskiing– two coastal environments similar in offering endless terrain and bottomless powder.


If earning your turns is more of your style, you’ll enjoy Powderwhore’s 6th film, TeleVision.  This year they flew a little further into our coastal mountains and scored “the steepest lines ever touched by telemark skis”.


A two year project from TGR wrapped up this Spring with Jeremy Jones and company exploring huge lines in the Fairweather Range.  Deeper is a product of Jeremy’s endless pursuit of pushing his personal limits in the mountains.  Their group leaves the relative comfort of heli-access riding for split-board skinning into massive terrain.  The film offers a fantastic glimpse into the perils of big mountain riding including all the objective dangers that could end the mission: avalanches, sluff, bergschrunds, cornices, ice fall, rock cliffs  & crevasses.  Even dying of boredom on the eighth day of being tent-bound during a snow storm seems like a possibility.  I’d put it on your “wish list” for Christmas.


Drake Olson provides all the ski-plane access for both TeleVision and Deeper and has his finger on the pulse of the mountains in our area.  We also share an office in Haines, so if you’re interested in riding in the mountains surrounding Haines with Drake, drop us a line.

Written on December 9, 2010 by Expedition Broker We are a no-fees booking agency located in Haines, Alaska providing expert, first hand knowledge and personal service while maintaining the same prices as booking directly with guiding companies, often even saving you money. For additional information check out About Us.

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