Alaska Small Ship Cruise Review

Alaska Small Ship Cruise Review

Mike and Sheila Saltmarsh traveled to Alaska in July of this past season aboard MV Sea Wolf through Glacier Bay, with a few side trips aboard the Alaska Marine Highway to Sitka and Juneau.  This was the first time I had ever received a full 32 page log of a client’s travels, and I loved it! The highlight for me is the photo of the litter of wolf pups playing. Incredible!

Excerpts from their trip with a photo journal follow.  All photo credits to Sheila Saltmarsh.

Sea Wolf Glacier Bay Alaska Review
The trip on the Sea Wolf was excellent.  The boat is magnificent.  A converted wooden minesweeper, modified to be a comfortable private yacht.

Dining aboard MV Sea Wolf
Food was very good.  The crew were all knowledgeable, competent and looked after us well.  They obviously care deeply about Glacier Bay National Park.  The company aboard was entertaining, intelligent, articulate and fun to be with.

Whales and Sea Lions aboard Sea Wolf
Scenery was spectacular and wildlife was plentiful – we saw brown bears, wolves, sea lions, seals, whales, eagles and many others.

Wildlife Aboard Sea Wolf
Sea kayaking among the ice calved from the glaciers was an unforgettable experience.

Small Ship Cruise Kayaking Glacier Bay
Picking various plants and seaweeds for adding to our meals was a fascinating, educational, and frequently rewarding (in the culinary sense) experience.

Kayaking Among Glaciers in Alaska
We were well prepared for the conditions, having been warned that there is never bad weather in Alaska, only inappropriate clothing!

Sea Wolf Glacier Bay Cabins
Thanks to Mike and Sheila for the fantastic trip report and photos from their Alaska expedition cruise in Glacier Bay.  If you’re interested in a similar experience, please feel free to contact Expedition Broker or check out all of our small ships and expedition yachts cruising in Alaska. Live Bold Dreams!

Written on November 7, 2012 by Expedition Broker We are a no-fees booking agency located in Haines, Alaska providing expert, first hand knowledge and personal service while maintaining the same prices as booking directly with guiding companies, often even saving you money. For additional information check out About Us.


  • Anna Decker says:

    looking for an adventure cruise in late June or early July

    • Greg Schlachter says:

      Hi Anna! Thanks for getting in touch! Please check your email when you get a chance, as we just sent you a few quick questions. Looking forward to possibly working with you for a trip to Alaska! Best, Greg Schlachter

  • Brett says:

    Looking to charther from 17 August 2016. Alaska ?

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