Trip Spotlight: Aleutian Hot Springs

Trip Spotlight: Aleutian Hot Springs

We receive an abundance of offerings from guiding operations in Alaska each year, and many make us want to jump on a plane and join them immediately! This will be the first in a series of articles highlighting unique travel opportunities in Alaska for 2013.Aleutian Island Hiking & Hot Springs

The Aleutian Islands offer an awe-inspiring landscape, yet are rarely visited by travelers as the region offers very little visitor services. We are currently offering the opportunity to explore Umnak Island for an 8 day guided adventure during the first week of August. Umnak Island is a fanciful land filled with hot springs, steaming beaches and geysers all within a stone’s throw of the fertile Bering Sea. ¬†In fact, you can even soak in hot springs right on the beach during low tides!Hot Springs In Aleutian Islands Umnak

Umnak happens to be one of the few places on earth with active geysers, and the island is alive with geothermal activity. Steep volcanic cliffs dominate the skyline on Umnak, with volcanic activity as recently as July of 2008.

The trip also provides world class marine mammal viewing and birding, especially as you travel between Dutch Harbor and Umnak Island. Other than a small Aleut village and a lonely ranch, Umnak is all wilderness located within the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge.  The mild maritime climate provides the perfect conditions for an abundance of wildflowers and berries.  Additionally, since the island is without bears, the reindeer population flourishes with herds often seen grazing on mountainsides.Hiking in Umnak Island - Aleutian Chain

In addition to wildlife viewing & geothermal activity, the island has a rich Aleut history dating back 12,000 years.  Combined with the modern ranching, fishing and military history of the region, the trip offers an interesting cultural survey.

This is a step back in time for the truly adventurous traveler. Please contact Expedition Broker for further details including a detailed itinerary & pricing for this extraordinary Aleutian experience.

Written on February 26, 2013 by Expedition Broker We are a no-fees booking agency located in Haines, Alaska providing expert, first hand knowledge and personal service while maintaining the same prices as booking directly with guiding companies, often even saving you money. For additional information check out About Us.

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