MV Liseron in the Offseason

MV Liseron in the Offseason

Ever wonder what it takes to maintain a 1950s wooden-hulled minesweeper after a busy summer cruising in Alaska?  I spent last week in Seattle and visited M/V Liseron at the Ballard Docks at Stabbert Maritime and got to see the labor of love first hand.

MV Liseron Alaska Small Ship Cruise

The Liseron floating and tarped

MV Liseron Alaska Small Ship Cruise

The same crew has been working on the Liseron for nearly a decade

MV Liseron Alaska Luxury Yacht

Stripping the hull on floating scaffolding

Liseron Alaska Small Ship Cruise

Skiff Deck, minus four skiffs & twelve kayaks

MV Liseron - Active Alaska Small Ship Cruise

Open bridge policy- Whether cruising or at the docks

She’s already 80% booked for 2014, and she’s going to be sparkling to start the season!

Greg Schlachter is the owner of Expedition Broker, Alaska’s premier adventure travel agency based in Haines, Alaska.

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