Kanektok Float Trip Report

Kanektok Float Trip Report

We’ve organized two groups of fly fishermen on the Kanektok River this past August and word from the¬†river was¬†that fishing was phenomenal. Reading post-trip reports from our clients, like the one to follow from Thatcher, is the best part of our job at Expedition Broker!

“I recently returned from a wonderful, amazing trip on the Kanektok River. It’s on the Southwest Alaska Peninsula and flows into Kuskokwim Bay. It is north of the Aleutian chain if you look at the map of Alaska. It was arguably the best fishing trip of my life.¬†

I began with a one day trip from Spokane to Bethel, AK via Alaska Airlines. I stayed overnight in Bethel, and the next morning boarded a float plane that flew us to the Kanektok headwaters at Pegati Lake in the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge. Our group consisted of five anglers (a family group of a grandfather, two adult sons, a 12 y/o grandson, and myself), plus three guides rowing 16 ft. rafts. Kanektok River Rafts Fly Fishing Float Trip

We traveled about 100 miles, spent 7 days and 6 nights on the river. Some fishing was done from the rafts as we floated downstream, while at other spots we would stop and wade to fish promising water. Camp consisted of a large cook/dining tent, a bathroom tent and 3 roomy sleeping tents. Each comfortably held two cots with sleeping pads. As a solo guest, I had my tent all to myself. On the third and sixth nights we had warm showers in the bathroom tent, which was a welcome and much appreciated way to clean up. Meals were over the top Рsteaks, halibut, lasagne, fried chicken in the evenings, bacon, eggs, pancakes for breakfast. On the last morning we even had eggs Benedict! For lunches we made sandwiches stream side. Kanektok Float Trip Food

Where it flows out of Pegati Lake, the Kanektok is crystal clear and fairly small, probably no more than 50 ft. wide. It got gradually larger as it was joined by tributaries downstream. We had sunny/partially sunny weather for the first three days. On the fourth day the weather turned, with gale force winds and heavy driving rain. The guides had to work hard to keep from being blown back upstream on the river! Despite the weather we continued to fish, with surprising success. For the last two days the wind was gone, and we had intermittent drizzle with periods of sunshine, as well. Even though we were wet on the outside, with good gear we were warm and dry on the inside. Kanektok River - Camp

We saw three brown bears close up, as well as mergansers, bald eagles, ravens, harlequin ducks and arctic terns. We saw tracks and trails of moose and caribou on the sand bars, but none of those critters on the hoof. Brown Bears on Kanektok River

And the fishing? Even though awesome is an over-used term, I’d describe it as beyond awesome. Phenomenal. Unbelievable. For the first three days we found pods of spawning sockeye salmon (easy to spot because of their red color), and would cast a salmon egg colored egg fly or a 6 mm. peach/natural egg bead over them. Below the spawners were hordes of Dolly Varden/Arctic Char, Grayling and Rainbow trout, eagerly fighting each other to gobble up the stray eggs that floated downstream. It was rare for my fly to be in the water for more than 30 seconds before I had a fish on, and it was nonstop action all day long. On my first day I stopped counting after landing 73 fish, and I’m sure I landed over 300 during the week. They were good sized fish, too, with some of the Dollies going over 5 lbs. We also cast flesh flies (imitations of decomposing salmon flesh) to Rainbows as we floated downstream. They would rush out of their hiding places in streamside root balls and strike them with a vengeance. It was definitely a “catch fish until your arms ache” experience.¬†Big Dolly Varden on Kanektok River

On the fourth day we began to run into silver salmon/coho in slower water in sloughs or on outside bends of the river. They were in their red spawning colors when we first encountered them, and became more and more silvery as we moved downstream closer to the ocean. On the last day some of the chrome bright fish still had sea lice on them. We would cast either a purple egg sucking leech or flashy pink/purple starlight leech, and the more aggressive fish eagerly attacked them. Several times our group had triple and quadruple hookups. I landed at least 30 silvers over the last three days, and hooked/lost probably a dozen more. Silver Salmon on Kanektok River

The guides had a lot of experience on the river. The twin brothers had fished the Kanektok for 25 years, while the third guide was in his 11th year on the river. They were knowledgeable about the fish, wildlife and plant life, and were excellent fish finders, mentors and coaches. I really enjoyed my time with them, and thank Beyond Boundaries Outfitters for putting together such an outstanding trip. Even though this was a “trip of a lifetime”, I look forward to doing it again in the near future.” ~Thatcher –¬†Chattaroy, WA

Thanks to Thatcher for the incredible report. 2017 Bristol Bay fly fishing float trips are already filling up quickly so let us know if a fly fishing “trip of a lifetime” interests you!

Written on September 7, 2016 by Greg Schlachter Greg lives and works in the beautiful coastal community of Haines, Alaska. When he's not handcrafting the perfect travel itinerary for clients of Expedition Broker he can be found on the rivers, fjords and mountains surrounding Haines researching the next great trip.


  • Bill Beltz says:

    We were on that trip with Thatcher and he did not exaggerate. Great trip! Hello Tatcher.

  • Bill Beltz says:

    We were on that trip with Thatcher and he did not exaggerate. Great trip! Hello Thatcher.

  • Wonky Bill says:

    HI Greg!

    I hope you are still kicking some arse. Also hopefully you got a trip outside Haines planned this winter.

    I got a daughter now. She is lovely.

    Also you have a great Crane Kick!


  • Capt Haden copeland says:

    Great to see comments and experience shared from float on Kanektok! There will never be a team of guides that bring the Kanektok river float to a level of experience and combination of skill and true old school that cannot be reproduced (that I can see)As the dynamics of flyfishing and outfitting and guides make a 360* degree evolution as the sport looses all self taught guides and mentors,as times moves into the future!..?. Support your long time Alaska wildernes guides………the kanectok has been a part of my life for 25 seasons and I have spent more fishing days and taken more rods ( record untouchable)
    The only way to fish k-tok is guided float………….we are a real team and would love opportunity to share info on all aspects of 7 and 10 day trips available! The Kanektok needs you and the experience will move you into the major leagues oo angling………..” true test of character,skills and courage! There is no price tag that provides this life changing experience —— please feel free to contact me anytime get logistics,costs,etc and join a trip unparrelled by any and may be the best SW Alaska float guides in the business today. Best ,Capt h Copeland – Beyond Boundries,exp

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