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Arctic Alaska Fly Fishing

Arctic Alaska Fly Fishing

World class Dolly Varden, Grayling & Sheefish fishing under the Midnight Sun. We fly into the Brooks Range in search of large schools of massive Dolly Varden, spotting these bohemeths from the air. The hardest part of the trip is typically finding a suitable sandbar to land the 206 on. Once on the ground, the river valleys are perfect for hiking to crystal clear holes in search of the slabs spotted from the air. Like all good Dollies, these fish readily take flies, but landing a fish pushing twenty pounds is not uncommon.

The rivers of Northwest Alaska also hold Chum Salmon and trophy Grayling. Grayling are exciting on dries or mouse patterns and 20″ fish are common. No trip to these parts would be complete without some time in search of Sheefish. The Kobuk River supports a run critically important to local subsistence fishermen. Sheefish can push 50 pounds and are an absolute hoot on a fly rod.

Lodging & Dining

The style of trip is customized to your interests. Both base camps and float trips can be highly productive. Float trips can accommodate pack rafts, inflatable kayaks, and paddle rafts depending on the river selected and skill of the group.

Side trips to areas like the Kobuk Sand Dunes can easily be added, especially in conjunction with Sheefishing on the Kobuk. We’ve fished the Wulik, Kivalina, Kelly, Kugururok, Noatak and Kobuk. Each holds its own special treasures including phenomenal hiking, wildlife viewing and paddling.

Over the years, we’ve had caribou, grizzly bear & wolves walk through our camps. Wolverines, Musk Ox, Fox, and a variety of raptors are also commonly spotted. We happened to witness the congregation of the Western Arctic Herd of Caribou in 2013 and were incredibly fortunate to witness the gathering of nearly 400,000 Caribou!!

Sandbar camping doesn’t mean roughing it! Expect tasty, satisfying meals and a comfortable camping experience.

Getting Here

A number of major airlines service Anchorage with direct connections from the Lower 48. Once you arrive in Anchorage, typically we continue your flight to Kotzebue, Alaska. It is best to arrive a day prior to departure for the bush.

Expedition Broker can arrange all aspects of your travel including flights, hotels and additional travel while in Alaska at no cost to you. Feel free to use our local expertise to help you prepare for your trip!

What’s Included

  • Flights in Cessna 206 for access to rivers
  • Professional Backcountry Guide
  • Simms Gore-Tex Waders
  • All necessary fishing gear, rods, and reels
  • Delicious meals, beverages, beer, and wine
  • National Park Service use fees
  • River Boats (depending on type of trip)
  • Camping gear is available for rent

 Why Go?

  • Endless options for remote fly fishing under the Midnight Sun
  • Utilizing base camps or rafts, we explore rivers with zero fishing pressure
  • With 24 hours of daylight its hard to even want to sleep between sessions



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Pricing & Stats

Location Northwestern Arctic Alaska
Capacity Maximum of 4 Anglers per week
Type of Lodge Remote Camping and Float Trips
Target Species Dolly Varden, Sheefish, Grayling, Chum Salmon

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