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Yakutat is probably the best known surf town in Alaska. Jet service from the lower 48 via Alaska Air and ample Forest Service roads accessing a variety of breaks puts Yakutat on the DIY list.

Miles of beach break take the brunt of storms off the Aleutian Islands & Gulf of Alaska, mostly in the form of short interval slop. But small coves and rock reefs create fun, if not finicky peaks. Mind the boils & sea lions at places like Snappers & Boilers. The Point can be a world-class left hander directly with 19,000 ft mountains as a backdrop. The combo of breaks makes for a wide range of options given swell and wind directions. Tide, swell direction and swell period are far bigger battles than crowds.

Situk River and surrounding systems are some of the most fertile salmon rivers in the world. On a good Fall day, every tide change brings hundreds of Silver Salmon past your feet. Often sightcasting to pods of fish moving up river. The river can also be chock full of pink salmon, and if you choose, a 4-6 lb Humpie can be caught on nearly every cast. Charters are available for jigging for halibut. Spring season holds one of the biggest natural Steelhead runs in the World and some of the best surf.

Camping options abound and many are first rate. The Forest Service has uncrowded, designated campgrounds and a car or bike is all you need to get you to many breaks. Respect the local Yakutat Tlingit Tribe and don’t camp on their land. B & Bs, lodges and motels are also available for those who don’t want to sleep on the sand.

Yakutat & Expedition Broker

While we take annual pilgrimages to Yakutat, we don’t guide in the region and currently neither does anyone else. We can easily put together an itinerary for you to get the most out of your stay. Feel free to call or email to discuss your options.

Why go?

  • Uncrowded surf in the Last Frontier
  • World class fishing along the Situk River
  • Plenty of wildlife in and out of the water, making up for lack of nightlife

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