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Chugach Backcountry Camp

Chugach Backcountry Camp

In 2011, PNH obtained a non-motorized ski touring permit from the U.S. Forest Service in the Cordova Ranger District. This permit is the first of its kind in the Chugach.

You are invited to come visit PNH this spring and help continue their program in terrain that has never seen tracks, up or down, before. This is a rare opportunity as it’s your chance to have limitless first descents and be part of the naming of an entire new “zone” in PNH’s newly permitted ski touring area.

Backcountry Lodging & Operations

All groups are flown from PNH’s base in Cordova to one of their Arctic Oven tents complete with wood stove, food and the necessities to be comfortable in the mountains. Groups will have the opportunity to ski from the front door without the pressure of heli ski groups around you. All trips will be tailored to your needs and desires. The terrain out your doorstep is limitless with many different options.

Since you’ll be visiting and skiing as backcountry skiers and mountaineers, there is an assumption that you will show up to Cordova with the necessary equipment to have a safe, enjoyable stay. All trips are with one of PNH’s certified guides. However, it is highly recommended that you read up on avalanche safety techniques and glacier travel protocols before your trip. This will be refreshed with you prior to departure into the mountains. Please contact Expedition Broker for a complete equipment list for the Chugach Backcountry Camp.


  • 6 nights lodging. Our goal is to have you at the camp for the duration of your stay. If weather does not allow 6 nights, PNH will accommodate you at our lodge until we can get you out to the camp. We are responsible for your lodging from Sunday arrival to Saturday departure.
  • All meals, transportation during your stay.
  • 2 guides and 1 assistant guide.
  • 1 helicopter drop off and 1 helicopter pick up

Why go?

1. An affordable way to experience the Chugach Mountains!

2. The only non-motorized ski touring permit from USFS in the Cordova Ranger District

3. Heli-accessed backcountry skiing means no down days!

Reservation Request

Terrain and Conditions

Mountain Range Chugach Mountains
Terrain Clients familiar with ski mountaineering and alpine touring; Options for descents are endless!
Rates & Schedules 7 days / 6 nights starting at $2,525 per person

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